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Our Story

Our roots

In 1993 Infrastructures for Information (i4i Inc.,) set up shop in downtown Toronto, with an idea to revolutionize the way information and content is organised, created and delivered.  Our roots are firmly cemented in the use of open standards to structure and publish information. Today, that dedication to understanding standards and desire to create world-class structured content applications is the foundation for all our solutions.

The vision

We believe that the key to your success lies in creating and managing consistent data and information within your content, across products, jurisdictions, and divisions of your organisation. We design innovative Structured Authoring & Content Solutions to assist the life sciences industry with their product documentation and regulatory information management. Focusing on developing applications that increase efficiency, consistency and that support compliance through innovative, cost-effective and reliable technologies.

It’s what we do

We’ve been doing this a long time, and it shows. A history dedicated to innovation and rich in accomplishment, i4i has been delivering leading XML and Structured Authoring Solutions for over twenty years. Our experience gives us confidence in handling all implementations with a proactive and professional approach. More importantly, we give you confidence that work will be done on time, on budget and with results that deliver.

With industry-leading technologies driving our platforms, we deliver structure and compliance to the life sciences industry. We are at our best when challenged to be bold and figure out new ways of doing things. So bring us your content challenges and let us show you new ways to structure them.


Global Labeling

Are you ready to ‘Go Global’ with a structured content solution?

Our global labeling platform enables your team to work smarter. This platform combines our intelligent structured authoring tool with a robust set of dashboards offering a suite of content creation, collaboration, and management features.

Store your product labels in a central repository with end-to-end label compliance and alignment, content reuse, translation management, health authority submission formatting, and regulatory information integration—across all jurisdictions.

And all within an intuitive user interface.

Download our Global Labeling data sheet to learn more.

European Labeling

Take full advantage of i4i’s structured content authoring and management solution to achieve European regulatory compliance.

Our EU labeling platform is the result of the customization and optimization of i4i’s ALiCE technology offering a suite of modules that deliver boundless possibilities for all of your content. Our metadata rich structured content authoring and lifecycle management solution allows you to easily manage the complete set of labeling content, including your CCDS and create compliant QRD files ready for submission to the Health Authority.

Using a master document model, content reuse and applicability minimises duplication ensuring greater consistency, and more meaningful cross-document and cross-jurisdictional content analysis.

Click here to download and read more about ALiCE.


With i4i’s industry-leading structured content solution, you can capture and manage key medicinal product information in your EU and product documents. Our tools include templates with semantically marked content to help you achieve and maintain Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP) compliance in documents including IBs, SmPCs, and CMCs.

Additional tagging features with controlled vocabulary make it easy for an author to mark, track, and compare tags and their sources. An IDMP dashboard manages the process throughout the evolving life-cycles of your content.


SPL – we’ve got this! Since 2004 our market-leading Structured Product Labeling (SPL) solution has been the right choice for all your SPL needs. At SPL’s inception, i4i joined the technical leadership team, helping define and develop its guidance. Today, we continue to be involved as a key member of the SPL Working Group, where our XML knowledge and industry expertise supports the FDA’s SPL initiative.

Whether you have a single user or many, our SPL Solution or SPL Direct conversion and submission service ensure you are FDA regulatory compliant.

Looking for more? Download the data sheet for further information about our SPL solutions.


A solution to today’s regulatory issues, SPL DIRECT provides SPL creation and submission services directly to the FDA or your inbox. Our team of regulatory specialists is ready when you need them, regardless of the kind of products you manufacture or distribute. We can help manage the entire process or fill in any area you’d like help with, transforming your labels from any source format to SPL. The end result is a compliant set of labels with content that can be repurposed to various stakeholders across your organization.

SPL DIRECT also offers XML conversions for the ACA6004 submissions (drug sample reporting).

Download the data sheet to learn more about our SPL Direct services.


Health Canada’s implementation of HL7’s Structured Product Labeling, is the Structured Product Monograph (SPM); a new submission format for the Pristine Product Monograph on Rx products.

i4i is actively engaged in the Health Canada’s SPM Technical Testing Pilot, partnering with sponsors, assisting with sample submissions, and helping to prepare for a quick and seamless adoption.

We are committed to supporting the SPM as part of our flagship A4L solutions. These solutions provide a full structured document authoring and collaboration cycle, in Microsoft Word, producing XML documents that conform to the SPL/SPM specification.

Structured Content

All of our solutions begin with our core products :
A4L and ALiCE.

A4L | Structured Content Authoring in Microsoft Word

The desktop solution for all your structured content authoring needs and offers a configuration explicitly designed to meet all SPL requirements. Use the complete, familiar Word feature set in a fully functional structured content authoring environment.

ALiCE | Manage the Full Lifecycle of Structured Content

ALiCE extends the desktop authoring platform to include document management and publishing, submission tracking, review cycles, content reuse and repurposing, and more. It is designed to meet the content challenges—and needs—of the life sciences industry, keeping drug product content and data consistency and regulatory submissions top of mind.


Client Services

At i4i our goal is always to have our complete client list serve as our reference list.

Our support team has a clear understanding of our clients’ processes, challenges and the solutions required to address them.

The team is comprised of regulatory specialists and technical experts to provide our clients with an unparalleled support experience.

For support of your i4i products:


t. + 416.504.0141 ext 802

Log on to the client support portal


Training is at the core of our clients’ success. Our team of product specialists ensures that your organization experiences a smooth transition with a focus on user adoption for all our implementations.

But it doesn’t stop there. We offer ongoing; upgrade, refresher, and new user training both online and in-house to best meet the needs of your organization. We believe that when you invest in our solutions, you get a full return on that investment.

With solutions built in familiar user interfaces such as Microsoft Word, success is the only option for your users.


Experienced professionals and regulatory and technical specialists guide each implementation, deploying a set of services designed to provide a first-class client experience with easy user adoption in mind:

  • Discover
  • Assess
  • Strategy & Plan
  • Solve
  • Implement
  • Migrate
  • Manage (ongoing training & support)



January 2018

Best Wishes from i4i! It is always a pleasure helping our valued clients reach their goals year after year. As new regulations and opportunities unfold we look forward to contributing to further successes in 2018.

December 1, 2017

We outgrew our space so i4i is on the move… Over the past few years, we’ve been so busy developing and expanding our structured content platform and regulatory solutions that we expanded right out of our space.

You can now find the i4i team in our new location at:

720 King St. West, Suite 805
Toronto, Ontario M5V 2T3

Please update your i4i contact information and pass it on to your accounts department.

Our support phone number and email contact information remain the same, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Phone: 416-504-0141 ext 802

October 2017

With the submission period for the new Blanket No Changes Certification for Product Listing SPL beginning October 1st, i4i’s SPL DIRECT regulatory and technical team has already begun preparing the No Changes Certification SPL for some clients. A4L Pro will be rolled out in October, in time to make the path to compliance and submission creation process quick and easy for all our clients to meet the December 31st deadline.

Have questions? Contact our team for more information.

August 30th, 2017

Earlier this week, along with the latest release of the Structured Product Labeling (SPL) Implementation Guide with Validation Procedures (Revision 201708281242), the FDA announced it would start accepting 6 new SPL types in October of this year. i4i is adding these new submission types and implementation/validation updates to our A4L development plan and will keep clients posted on the support and release dates.

June 2017

i4i participates in Health Canada’s Technical Testing Pilot for the Structured Product Monograph (SPM). The SPM is Health Canada’s HL7 SPL initiative and entry into structured content for their Pristine Product Monograph submissions.

The kick-off meeting took place on June 7th, with the pilot expecting to run through March 2018. We are actively engaged in the pilot, partnering with sponsors, assisting with sample submissions and helping prepare for a quick and seamless adoption.

A natural fit for i4i’s flagship A4L solution which has been managing SPL creation and updates since the FDA mandated the SPL submission format in 2005. Current implementations of our Global Labeling Solution offer the Canadian Product Monograph and we expect the evolution of this structured content template to the new HC SPM guidelines to be a smooth transition.

i4i remains committed to delivering comprehensive and easy-to-use structured authoring and content management solutions, that are first to market and best-in-class to comply with Health Authority standards.

Need more information? Get in touch with our team today.


October 2018

October 3-5, 2018

i4i is pleased to join the ArisGlobal Life Sciences Technology Summit in Coral Gables, Florida.

An annual event that brings life sciences professionals together in conversation about industry news and trends, product updates, and best practices. It is an honour to be a part of this years talks.

April 2018

April 24 – 25th, 2018

i4i will be joining the conversation at this premier forum for regulators and industry to update their knowledge of local and global labeling-related policies and to examine the impact of changes on regulatory compliance.

Do you have questions about Structured Authoring and how it will streamline the content process across your organization? Chat with our industry experts at the i4i Booth – #3!

April 2018

From April 17 – 19, 2018 i4i joins DIA Europe in Basel, Switzerland

This flagship event allows industry professionals to debate the issues across the entire drug development value chain during the conference & find solutions within the exhibition with 2,500+ other cross-functional thought leaders. A unique opportunity to learn from experts, network with influencers and collaborate with solution providers.

Do you have questions about Structured Authoring and how it will streamline the content process across your organisation? Stop by & chat with our industry experts at booth 31/32!

February 2018

February 5-7, 2018 – i4i joins the DIA RSIDM in North Bethesda

Covering Electronic Regulatory Submissions (ERS), Regulatory Information Management (RIM), and Electronic Document Management (EDM), this conference serves as the premier place for the discussion of emerging operational standards, best practices, and the processes for submission, creation, and maximum use of regulatory information. This forum touches on i4i’s core strengths and expertise creating innovative solutions for business operation processes in the Life Sciences sector. We look forward to discussing how structured content solutions can streamline your regulatory processes and requirements. If you are going to be there, take a moment to connect with our team at the i4i booth – #303!


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