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i4i is a world leader in the development of structured content applications. Founded in 1993 by Michel Vulpe, i4i has a proven track record of accomplishment and innovation.

Using our industry-leading technology for authoring and managing XML content, i4i has successfully delivered structure and compliance to a broad spectrum of organizations around the world. The diverse nature of applications includes authoring compliance for policy and procedure documents in large financial institutions, and trade associations' providing a cycle of author, review, and exchange for thousands of members' documents.

i4i has enjoyed repeated success in the area of pharmaceutical regulatory requirements, where i4i has enabled over 80 companies to achieve compliance.

Whether for a very specific or an often repeated application, every i4i customer is treated as a unique implementation. Each installation and deployment is preceded by a thorough analysis and assessment phase, to ensure the customer's exact needs are met and an optimum solution is achieved.

And the life of every customer solution is backed by a high quality of support and services. i4i believes a single goal can ensure the company's ongoing success - that our entire customer list should be our reference list. To date, this has resulted in the ongoing delivery of high-quality solutions to satisfied customers.

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